Why We’re Different

At DCH we believe in spending the time necessary to understand your problem.

At DCH we believe in giving you reports promptly and answering any follow up questions that you may have.

At DCH most services are concentrated under one roof and mostly on a single floor because we believe you shouldn’t wander from building to building to get your tests.

At DCH we’ll help you all we can if you have to go out of network to see us, because we feel that you should have many more choices than the insurance companies offer.

At DCH we have all the medical subspecialties represented because we feel that you will further benefit from our collective knowledge and the daily interaction between your doctor and the other internists and subspecialists.

At DCH we have a good working relationship with other doctors such as surgeons and orthopedists, urologists, ENT and so on and will be able to recommend them and assist them in your care.

At DCH we believe in staying in touch with our patients. One of us is on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day, should your own doctor not be available in case of need.

At DCH we’ll “work you in” in case of emergency or if you have a special need to be seen on a certain day. In most cases you will be seen the same day you called because we respect your convenience as well as ours.

At DCH we look forward to having a long relationship with you, because nothing is more valuable than familiarity with your condition. We’ve been in business for more than 40 years and most of our doctors leave only when they retire. We believe in low turnover.

At DCH we believe that your time is valuable. If you are a busy person or from out of town, we can accomplish your doctor’s visit and extensive testing in less than one working day especially if you let us know in advance your needs and health concerns.

At DCH you will see a physician every visit because we don’t employ nurse practitioners or physician assistants.

Our Locations

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What Our Patients Say About Us

  • "This facility has knowledgeable Doctors and Staff who are friendly and helpful."
    Noel G.
  • "The have doctors there of various specialities that truely care for their patient's. Staff is friendly as well."
    Jacinta H.