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These days, most people are in some form of managed care. If we are not in your network’s plan, it is probably because your plan does not pay physicians a sufficient amount to allow for high quality care. The rules of financial coverage vary from plan to plan but to understand what it will cost you to come to Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology of Houston, one needs to know their out of network deductible, copayment, and maximum out of pocket. The deductible represents the amount each year that you are responsible for before you have any out of network coverage. The copayment is a portion of the cost which you must then pay up to a maximum out of pocket expense. For example, if one has an out of network deductible of $300, then a 20% copay up to an out of pocket maximum amount of $1000, then on a $600 bill the patient would be expected to be responsible for $360 (the $300 deductible and 20% of the remaining $300). If you do not know these amounts for your insurance plan then you can call them or if you like, please call our patient liaison office at ext. 4317 and we will call your insurance company for you and give you a report in writing.

The cost of your visit will depend on the services and tests you have during your visit. After the physician has examined you and determined any necessary tests, we can provide an accurate estimate. We encourage you to discuss the cost of these services with your physician.

You will be billed for services rendered within one month after your visit. Charges for services are due when billed and are payable within thirty(30) days of the billing date. Master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

When insurance assignment is effected, you will be asked to remit the estimated coinsurance and any unpaid deductible. We allow forty-five (45) days for insurance settlement, and any amount not paid by insurance is due and payable.

To see a current list of accepted insurances please click here.

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